After the thru-hike, what’s next?

Wilderness Hiking Beyond the Thru-Hike Trail

Over past few years, we’ve designed several thru-hikes outside or beyond popular trekking routes, offering solitude, multiple wilderness experience and variety.

Central Idaho Trek
(375 Miles) paralleled a section of the much less interesting Idaho Centennial Trail, looping through 5 wilderness or wilderness study areas…Read More

Sequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness, forest service sign, September

Sierra Nevada Trek
(261 miles) made a figure eight loop around and through a large section of the John Muir Trail in California accessing some lesser visited lakes and trails…Read More

Pioneer-Craters Trek
(92 miles) was a totally unique trek connecting much rarely hiked private and public rangeland in the lower Pioneers to Craters of the Moon…Read More

Catalina Rincon Trek
(114 miles) connected three wilderness areas north and east of Tucson using the Arizona Trail across low elevation desert (this reenacted our first thru-hike in 1975 before AZT existed)…Read More

We’ve also used thru-trails to facilitate loops through adjacent wilderness such as the AT in Virginia for Shenandoah, and small wilderness areas in west central and southwestern sections of state. Likewise Arizona’s AZT was useful for loops through the vast Mazatzal Wilderness and access into Four Peaks Wilderness. We often meet thru-hikers curious about the wilderness areas they’ve breezed by.

We can help you create a wilderness experience in a place off the beaten path.