Bio: Cindy C. (Chojnacky)

Fiction author, explorer, freelance writer, wilderness ambassador

Cindy’s background includes forestry reporting, university relations and public affairs and management work for the USDA Forest Service throughout the U.S. and in Washington DC. Jobs included issues management, policy analysis, urban outreach and District Ranger in fire-prone southern California. Cindy has created and led many teams and temporary organizations, designed workshops and community meetings, managed national public involvement projects and had many speaking engagements including television, county and community meetings, interagency and Congressional briefings, workshops and professional meetings, and as a local, regional, and national spokesperson. Cindy has a BA in journalism, MA in environmental politics, and coursework towards a PhD in organization theory.

After her federal career, Cindy did forestry consulting work with scientist spouse David—in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and in Falls Church, Virginia. The Chojnackys then returned West to explore and write about wilderness. They have founded The Wilderness Need Association, a non-profit founded to advocate for wilderness visitors based on experience in about 50 wilderness areas in the U.S.


Featured Author, Inspired Writers Program, Lincoln County Oregon schools: March 19-22, 2019 for 500 6th graders sponsored by Altrusa International of Yaquina Bay

Featured Author, Syringa Mountain School Book Fair, Hailey, Idaho: April 10, 2019 for 4th-7th graders

Earth Day Book Signing and Party, Changing Hands Bookstore, Tempe, Arizona: April 20, 2019 for family, friends and public

Cindy resides in Hailey, Idaho, and spends some winter months with family in Arizona. She has published freelance outdoors articles in Backpacker magazine and local newspapers as well as commentaries, journal articles and a chapter in a book on government leadership problems. Besides backpacking, Cindy’s other interests include bicycle commuting, triathlons and contemplative spirituality.

Sonora desert and mountains framing Tucson and Phoenix inspired Cindy’s first fiction novel, Return to the Wild. Return channels love for wild places, cynicism about human institutions and engineered solutions, and view that kids can do great things using their gifts and maybe a little otherworldly assistance.


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