Happy Earth Day from Return to the Wilds!

The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. (Psalm 24)

A brief talk and book signing officially launched my new youth novel Return to the Wilds Saturday, April 20, at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona. Almost all of the friends and family came to after-party at nearby Kiwanis Park Recreation center and immediately set to eating and gabbing. Signs, balloons and wild critters made up the décor and food were abundant, a tradition in my Coffer family of origin.

A wide variety of friends/ family came from different parts of the area and walks of my life: Mary Beth, my first roommate at University of Arizona; Virginia, a fellow author from All Saints Episcopal Church (our parish in Phoenix); Tom, Lillian and Cynthia from our Education for Ministry class at Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church; Daniel, his delightful mom and Cheryl, musicians from my late mother’s home church, Crosswinds Presbyterian; good family friend and second ‘daughter’ to my mom, Martha Garcia; Whitney, our “spin” instructor from La Fitness; and my “Coffer” cousins Kim and Tera plus Tera’s new grandson Dade, newest addition to my extended “Coffer” clan. Distance award won by friends Susan and Tracey from Payson—Susan is a family friend and fellow musician from the First Presbyterian Church in Las Vegas where my sisters and I spent our formative years. Thank you, everyone!

Return to the Wilds official release day is April 23, to celebrate Earth Day April 22. Protecting the diverse species of the earth was theme for 2019 Earth Day. Return to the Wilds also envisions the world’s “Wildings” appealing to humankind to care for their remaining habitat.

Pope Francis prayer for the earth, 2015
Earth Day 2019

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